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Become A Reiki Master, And You Will Begin Your Journey To Enlightenment ?

"Become a reiki master," is what I thought to do first. After that the road to enlightenment opened up to me. Of course, enlightenment is an on going process. This adventure surely will not stop when you become a reiki master. But, like me, it could be your first step toward an expanding consciousness.

Before I get lost here in the lofty realms of ascended masters, lets look at the practical elements that, when you become a reiki master, can help you in your own quest. 
Become a reiki master and reap these benefits:

-A connection to your higher self.
-Become healthlyer.
-The ability to heal yourself and others.
-Train your intuition.
-Become a channel for chi.
-Teach others.
-Spread light and love, help heal the world.
-Earn a certifacate.
-A great sense of accomplishment.
-Become more balanced, harmonized.
-Master the attunement techniques. And a teacher attunement is also included.
-In the master degree (For WhiteLight Self-Empowerment ) further chakras are opened, and activated, and the energy is extended further, and increased.

This is the recipe for a happy life according to Usui's the founding father of modern reiki: 

A person should work on what can be improved and otherwise accept life as it happens.

The essence of this teaching is today known as the five concepts or five principles:

The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine for all diseases:

"At least for today, do not be angry.
Do not worry.
Do your work with appreciation.
Be kind to people. Be honest.

Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart.
State in your mind and chant with your mouth.

My tip: go to next level here: The Golden Eye Grid or here WhiteLight Self-Empowerment

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Thanks so much - light success and love.
Daniela and Michael

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