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Archangel Michael Channeling? Is it a scam?

Archangel Michael channeling --are people really channeling him? In my experience I have met the real thing, and I have met those who only think they are Archangel Michael channeling, but are actually just speaking from their egos. It is important, if you want to be a channel, to be able to separate from your ego. This takes training, and is probably the hardest thing for most people to do. Learn the best way to channel spirits right here: The Golden Eye Grid

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Anyway, before people ever started Archangel Michael channeling, the art goes back a long way. Mystery cult priests, wise female oracles, and shamans did so in primitive, and Hellenistic cultures. They sought help in the form of omens and messages from non worldly beings and delivered them to the people, to kings, or the military. Trance communications with the gods was highly developed among the priestly class of ancient egypt too.

What's it all about? Well Archangel Michael channeling , or Kyron channeling, and other spirits, is all about receiving a communication from a specific spirit and, then writing or speaking that information as though the higher being itself is speaking.

But contrary to how some people believe, channeling is not always of a religious nature. In fact new techniques found in the modern energy system like The Golden Eye of Inner Realization proves that you can channel common everyday solutions to your day to day problems. Not only that, Golden eye will help you to look through other peoples eyes to see what they are seeing, and feel what they are feeling. You can look into the future too, and influence it in a positive way. Its training will bring calmness of thought, and help you to understand and enjoy the eternal moment. It will help you to become a channel. It will help you to connect with everything, not just spirits, to observe what IS. It will awaken your own spirit. It will open your intuition, and connect you with your inner wisdom. The Golden Eye Grid helps you to be in many places at the same time. It helps you to detect your conscious and unconscious belief patterns, and transform them. It will even help you to find the root causes of problems, not only in this life, but also in past lives. The Golden Eye of Inner Realization is the the ultimate channelling tool! Learn to channel right here:
The Golden Eye Grid

Of course to read a Archangel Michael channeling , that you can find in different forms all over the internet, is very comforting. When he says stuff like: I am your divine protector, I have a shield and sword, I come with divine power, you are protected, inspired by the divine light that shines upon you, and all negativity will be banished in an instant, this is very beautiful

Who wouldn't feel great to know this? Thank you Michael!

But what practical service does this really do for you right now in this life? It won't pay your bills, get you a new job, or help you settle matters with a lover, or a family member. The awesome training, however, that you will receive through the Golden Eye of Realization might very well do all these things and more. And it too will teach you to be a channel for enlightened beings. Learn the best way to channel right here:
The Golden Eye Grid

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Thanks so much - light success and love.
Daniela and Michael

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