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With this short yet powerful meditation I would like to create with you a Portal of Love and Gratitude.

Gratitude is an extremely powerful energy. The more we are grateful the more gratitude we will get back.

Gratitude is the quickest way for you to make a connection to your soul. When you are connected to your soul, you become one with the universal wisdom, because you feel connected with all that IS. You will feel yourself as if you are an energetic being of infinite possibilities.

When you are in the energy field of gratitude your ego will be compelled to get out of your way.  

A common reason why we have problems with people is because there is a lack of gratitude.  It is often the case that we expect gratitude from other people when we are unaware of the fact that we do not show them any gratitude ourselves.

A lack of gratitude will influence our entire lives negatively.

Through this meditation you will learn, each day, to see the wonders of life, because your attention is focused on GRATITUDE and LOVE.

And the more that we spread this gratitude and love meditation throughout the world, every day, the more wonders there will be for all of us to share. Indeed, do the Love and Gratitude meditation as much as possible, share it with everyone, because when you do this you are joining, and creating, a morphic field of information that begins with a single idea, or thought, that attracts another identical idea, or thought, like a magnet, and becomes an info field. The more the same thought is collected in that field the bigger the morphic field becomes. Spreading, and practicing, this meditation will create a huge morphic field that has the potential to change everything we know for the good forever. This morphic field is what we call our portal of love and gratitude.

You can test right now how much gratitude you have for certain people around you. Imagine a scale from 1-100%. Simply ask yourself: to what percentage am I grateful for the person in question? Be honest, and pay attention to the first number that pops into your head, is it 100%? No? If not you must find a reason to be grateful for this person.


What, you can't find a reason? That is not surprising, this is quite common.

If this is the case, then thank this person for being so stubborn and terrible that you can not find a reason to be grateful for them. Why? Because you can learn something from this. All experiences, good or bad, are meant to teach you something so you might expand your consciousness, so be grateful! A good statement to use that will help you is: “How good it is, that…”

Now test again using the scale. Keep repeating it until you land at 100%.

The result will probably surprise you. Why? The problem you have with the person will, in most cases, simply vanish when you show them the right gratitude.

Download the LOVE and GRATITUDE meditation for FREE from my web site as a mp3-Data, and listen to this meditation once a day.

Lets create, with many others, a Portal of Love and Gratitude! Lets spread it around the world. Start sharing now!


You are all awesome, and I am grateful for you!


Download your free copy :)


Free Gratitude Meditation

by - Daniela Hills

9 MB

8:56 min

A short meditation for the day time to relax and to let go of daily stress.

This pages were created by Daniela Hills. COPYRIGHT 2002 - 2015, Calgary, Canada

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